Lychee Flower Honey


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6 properties of natural RAW honey from lychee flowers: (must know these facts before buying honey)

It is usually light amber in color (but can be a little light or dark depending on time, place and thickness).
Very tasty to eat. When consuming honey, many times the taste of litchi fruit is found in the honey.
The scent also matches that of the litchi fruit (however, the taste and scent changes slightly when the honey is old).
Honey concentration can be less or more.
If the honey is diluted, foam appears. And if the concentration is high, foaming is not seen.
Normally litchi flower honey is seen to accumulate a little. If the honey is thin, it may curdle a little after a few months. And if the honey is too thick, it starts to coagulate quickly and all or most of the honey may coagulate.

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